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Mt. Ste.-Victoire
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Here is the greater part of my large collection of photographs from Aix-en-Provence. I took classes at the Leo Marchutz School of Art for six weeks and had a great time learning to paint, hanging out with my classmates, and soaking up the sun, language, and culture of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Because there are so many pictures, and because the real chronological order is so random, I've decided to organize them thematically. If you wish to skip to a particular section, click on the hyperlinks below.

20 Juin Cours Mirabeau L'École Marchutz Tholonet
Le Parc Hameaux de la Torse La Fête de la Musique La Cathédrale St.-Sauveur L'Église de St. Jean de Malthe
Autres Églises Ruines Romaines Le Peuple Cézanne Excursion

20 Juin

These pictures are from my very first roll for the trip, which I started using the second day of class.

Le Cours Mirabeau

Le Cours Mirabeau was the main road through the town, still beautiful despite the fact that the entire center was under construction. From the statue of Roi René at one end to the Grande Fontaine de la Rotonde at the other, plane trees grow tall along the road. Many street performers come out to entertain people and make a few francs, and there are many good places to eat along the north side.

L'École Marchutz

Do You Know the Way to Tholonet?

A few days into the Marchutz School, I took a walk down to Tholonet with Joann and Emilya for lunch. Although we went as directly as possible, it was definitely a scenic route! Later on, we went there to paint as well.

Parc de la Torse

Le Parc Hameaux de la Torse is a lovely park located right between the Marchutz studio and the city center, just off the Route Cézanne. I often passed through it after school.

La Fête de la Musique

La Cathédrale St.-Sauveur

L'Église de St. Jean de Malthe

Autres Églises

Ruines Romaines

Cézanne Excursion

On this day, we went around and about Aix, finding scenes (usually involving the mountain) that Paul Cézanne painted. We visited both of his former studios, including the Château Noir, where our professors now work, and even climbed over some barbed wire to get to one view. No one was injured in the process. :)

Le Peuple


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