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QuickTime VR Panoramas

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Here are some fruits of my early experimentation with Apple’s QuickTime VR Authoring Studio. You’ll need the QuickTime plugin to view them. Click on each image to load the QTVR panorama on a separate page. I last updated this page on May 24, 2004.

Mexico This is a palindromic panorama, from my very first set of four continuous pictures. I took it during my trip to Mexico in August 1996. (216K)
Blenheim Palace Grounds Here is Blenheim Palace, ancestral home of the Churchills, and the nearby lake. I only took four pictures, so the scene is mirrored here to create a “full” panorama. The scene is from Sunday, March 15, 1998, when I was traveling in England with Steve Myers. (244K)
Crescent City Beach The beach at Crescent City, CA, just north of Battery Point Lighthouse. It’s almost a full panorama (eleven pictures, total), but I had to fudge the ends a bit to “fill it in.” I took these pictures on Sunday, December 26, 1999, while visiting my parents for Christmas. (1.2M)
Redwoods This “palindrome” I actually shot vertically, looking up at an enormous coastal redwood in the national forest just south of Crescent City. (538K)
The Quad Here’s an actual 360° panorama of the Quad at the University of Washington, but because the difference between the angles of my individual shots varied, QTVR Studio didn’t interpret it as such, and so you get some interesting dissolution effects. It manages to be fairly coherent overall, but doesn’t match up as you might expect. (1.4M)