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Last updated January 20, 2013.

Brothers In Arms Samuel takes the stage alongside his big brother. Ursa Minor Daniel has some summer fun in California!
Daniel and the Khan’s Treasure Daniel travels far afield, to his ancestral homeland of Mongolia. S.A. Confidential Daniel goes black-and-white.
Ursa Minor Daniel steps out as the Little Man on Campus. Zoo Safari Daniel’s adventures take him to the San Antonio Zoo.
Daniel and the Trees of Mystery Daniel vacations in Crescent City. The First Cone Daniel enjoys a special treat: his first ice cream from a cone.
Daniel’s District Daniel takes on the establishment in his first trip to D.C. A League of His Own Daniel’s triumphant story of obstacles overcome.
The Boy from San Antonio Daniel’s first starring role in a spy thriller. Daniel Speaks Daniel speaks!
Daniel - First Ten Days Here is a video montage of clips from baby Daniel’s first ten days in the world of light. (27.8M QT) Air Show 2009 Here’s my highlights reel from the 2009 Randolph AFB Air Show. (2.5M QT)
Oliver and Sam Oliver and Sam play with Sam’s favorite red rubber ball. (20.3M QT) Coke & Mentos Dol and I conduct a science experiment, with explosive results! (4.7M QT)
Turtle River State Park A panorama of a hilltop scene from Turtle River State Park. (27.6M QT) Defying Gravity Jeanne and Kylie perform “Defying Gravity” at our 2005 New Year’s party. (7.4M QT)
Sam-Lifting Lauren demonstrates some bicep-building workout tricks with our new puppy, Sam. (8.1M QT) Pippin Pippin chases a laser pointer around the house. (7.7M QT)
1L’s Long-Distance 
	Boyfriend 1L’s Long-Distance Boyfriend: a hilarious Libel Show parody of the Budweiser “Real American Heroes” commercials. Written by John Sensing, directed by Jim Hicks, edited by me. (5.4M QT) 3L Gunner 3L Gunner: a terrific Libel Show send-up of the Budweiser “Real American Heroes” commercials. (9.0M QT)
Fitness Celebrity Fitness Celebrity Chris Calsyn’s Awesome Hour Upper Body Workout: A Libel Show infomercial parodying those ubiquitous “Fitness Made Simple” ads. Narration and music by me. (PG; 16.63M QT) I grow up. Watch me grow! This is a 36K GIF of my face fading from my state ID card photo through my driver’s license photos and back.
John’s present The pictures of John’s birthday are no longer up, but this 229K GIF photo sequence of him opening his present has moved here. En 
	Havana A video clip of me playing Sky Masterson in the Havana sequence from Guys and Dolls. (2.9M QT)
Matrix Wannabes Jake and Hari fought in slow motion as I snapped off pictures with my still camera in order to get reference frames for my flipbook, which ended up having nothing to do with the action seen here. It was fun anyway. (696K QT) EEP Swingers A seven-frame photo sequence of Jake and Sarah on the tire swing outside of Guthrie Annex II. (466K GIF)
Wave Action A four-frame, 164K GIF of wave movement on the beach at Crescent City. Spinning globe A 24-frame, 132K GIF I made with the help of the technology at Earth View of a spinning globe.

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