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Last updated September 2, 2005.

Smiley De Niro EmotiGuy cops an attitude. (2.3M QuickTime) Jolly Roger A looping animation of a waving pirate flag. (2.27M GIF)
I Enjoy Being a Girl A work in progress, this is a Mimic preview animation of “I Enjoy Being a Girl,” from “Flower Drum Song.” (9M AVI) Avatars I’ve started on a kick of making animated avatars for my use in the DAZ forums. Here are my first four.
Ordinary Gremlin The DAZ Gremlin plays Professor Higgins. I did the facial animation in Mimic 2 Pro, and the body in Poser 4. (4.6M QuickTime) Steph Jumps Here’s a quick animation of Stephanie Petite jumping, landing, and winking. (1.5M QuickTime)
On My Own Victoria sings the intro to “On My Own” from Les Misérables. (5.6M QuickTime) Charleston Finally, I’ve posted my first reasonably well-developed swing dance animation. This is Victoria 3 dancing to a couple bars of the classic Charleston. (1.7M QuickTime)
Changing faces A cycle through five different custom faces I made for DAZ’s first-generation Victoria character model. (290K QuickTime) The Last Lift The Last Lift is the movie I helped make for CSE 490ca spring quarter. Click on the picture for a page with links to different versions of the movie, an explanation of the process, and some stills.
Sit, Stand, Walk, Run, Jump A late playblast of my final project for CSE 458. Unfortunately I don't have the complete rendered movie, in which the animation was somewhat better. (1.7M AVI) It’s up to me? Lip-syncing in Maya, which I did for CSE 490dc. The “Earl” character was made by my T.A., Peter Sumanaseni, who went on to work for Pixar! (704K AVI)
Bouncing Baby A jump cycle I made using the Sumo Baby character from DAZ 3D’s Sampler CD. (160K QuickTime) Lonely Poser Man My first attempt at animating emotion, with a lonely Poser man sitting at a table, waiting for Posette to come along. (442K QuickTime)

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