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Last updated October 12, 2006.

The Magic Hat - WIP Watch the development of “The Magic Hat.” (3.4M QT) What’s next? Only time will tell!
Demo Reel This demo reel showcases my still 2D and 3D work from 1999 to 2006. (37.9M QT) Here’s a work-in-progress animation of my first full-color portrait of Dol. (446K GIF)
The Smiths - WIP Here’s the pictorial evolution of my family portrait of the Smiths. (6.6M QT) Stephen & Jenny - WIP Watch the progress of my drawing of Stephen and Jenny on their wedding day. (548K QT)
Libel Show Intro Shamelessly borrowing from Pixar, I created this animation to introduce the 2004 Libel Show Professors’ Video. (3.4M QT) Jenny An animation of my in-progress Photoshop painting of Jennifer, Stephen’s fiancée. (487K DivX QT)
Meng Ru The in-progress animation of my drawing of Meng. (297K GIF) The Junta This is a time-lapse picture of the evolution of my Junta 2004 T-shirt design, from around the halfway point to the end. (340K GIF)
Hamburger, anyone? In Civil Procedure, we talked about a case where a cow’s owner sued a railroad after the cow was hit by a train. Guess what I animated! (1.2MB QT) The Hopeful Romantic Here’s the story reel I put together for CSE 490ap, for a short film proposal entitled, “The Hopeful Romantic.” The protagonist is something of a self-portrait. (9.4M QT)
Watch the birdie A simple 65K animated GIF of someone’s head turning around. Oy! A more interesting version of the previous animation, which involves the guy getting carried away by a giant bird after watching a small one fly away. (86K GIF)
Tholonet Painting A quick before-and-after animation of my first landscape painting, going from a blank sheet of cardboard to one with the finished oil painting on it. (253K GIF) Marchutz final project My Marchutz school final project in four stages of development. (614K GIF)

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