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The Green Family — Brian, Dol, Daniel, and Samuel

About the Author


First and foremost, I’m a friend and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, who ransomed me from sin and death. I owe all I have and all I am to His grace and mercy, and I live to glorify Him. If you don’t know Him yet, I encourage you to get acquainted! E-mail me if you have any questions, please read the Bible for yourself, and check out a good local church.


Among the chief of God’s blessings in my life are my beloved wife Dol and our precious sons Daniel and Samuel. I’m also grateful beyond measure for my wonderful parents Russ and Liz, my sisters Lauren and Kirsten, and the multitude of friends and family members who have made my time on this earth a truly wonderful one.


I am a 2001 graduate of the University of Washington, which I entered in 1996 through the Early Entrance Program, and a member of the University of Virginia School of Law class of 2004. I’m presently pursuing an LL.M. degree in Air and Space Law at McGill University.


After law school, I clerked in Washington, D.C. for several months, then joined the world’s greatest Air Force, in which I continue to serve. Prior to my current duties as a student, I had an assignment in North Dakota and three in Texas. All content of this site is my own and is not in any way intended to represent the views of the Air Force.


Pastimes of mine include reading, animation, drama, singing, swing dancing, playing the piano, and photography. Last but not least, I’m an Apple devotee.

I also enjoy travel, and thus far have journeyed to Canada, Mexico, England, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Qatar, Iraq, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and 45 states in the U.S.

That’s all I have to say about me for now. I hope you enjoy my site!

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